How to Simplify Cleaning Your Home

How can you declutter your home without spending a lot of time doing so?

Picking up toys in advance of cleaning your carpets may leave you too tired to do more than spot clean or vacuum only the center of the room. One solution to this is to have a toy bin in every room and require your children to put the toys in that bin before they move on to another activity. It also helps parents more quickly pick up toys by tossing them in that bin instead of carrying armfuls of toys to a child’s room and being too tired to then vacuum the floor.

Consider getting rid of the foot rests and other small pieces of furniture you don’t use much but have to move around whether cleaning the floors or re-arranging the room. Opening up the space can dramatically reduce your stress level and reduce the number of things you need to clean pet fur off of.

Do you have magazine storage bins next to the couch? Put a box in the living room where you put magazines when you’re done reading them instead. Then donate the magazines to a school, put them in recycling or take them to a half price book store. Don’t let magazines pile up on tables and side pockets only to be rounded up and moved around later.

Get rid of those coffee table books, decorative pieces on the shelves and other items you bought and put there to look good but now simply take up space. They limit the usable space on flat surfaces and add to the effort of dusting your home.

Invest in a spot cleaner so you can clean spilled juice or wine on the carpets so you can treat them immediately instead of having to clean the whole room and move furniture to have the carpets professionally shampooed. Consider having your carpet cleaned professionally once a year. If you are living in a rental property and are moving out you may wish to consider using end of tenancy  cleaners in Kingston as they can provide a good service in this field. 

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