Steps To Clean A Window

Windows make up an integral part of the house interiors as they help circulate fresh air and provide your rooms a great ventilation. But then, there are great chances that they accumulate dirt and dust over longer periods of time, as they are exposed to the outside air. Different styles of windows that match the decors of your rooms are being used in the houses. Depending on their design and pattern, they need to be cleaned up at regular intervals of time, say weekly or at least twice a month.

There are a series of steps one needs to follow while cleaning up a window.Here is the correct order of cleaning procedure.

Get a multipurpose cleaner and spray them on the window frames and other hardware, followed by wiping them up with a cloth made of microfiber. To remove any decals that have got stuck to the window glass, pour some amount of mayonnaise on the decals and try to scrape them by using some old credit cards . It is because these credit cards don’t create any scratches and the oil present in the mayonnaise can easily remove the dirt. Now inside the window, spray the multipurpose cleaner again and wipe off the glass starting from the top towards the bottom, using a microfiber cloth. Once you have completing doing these steps on a pane of window, repeat the same for other panes and glass on the other side of the window.

This is all you have to do in order to get a glistening window with a great finishing.

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